Special Report

spyware phone protection

A Nielson study in 2012 shows that more than 50% of cell phones in the United States are smartphones.  While they provide a wide variety of useful applications, games and toys; they are in effect small computers.  Like computers; however, they are subject to spyware - similar to computer viruses.  Privacy laws have not kept pace with the development of spyware technology and almost anyone can purchase spyware and install it on a phone.  In many cases, the amateur spy does need access to the phone to install the malicious program. 

Spyware can secretly monitor your text messages, email, phone conversations and can even turn on your camera to watch live video streams from your phone. Because spyware operates in the background, there is usually no practical way to directly detect the application.  Still, there are signs that some one is using your phone as their personal covert agent.  If you suspect spyware is installed on your phone, consider having a professional analyze the phone.  SIC has experience with spyware and can catch would-be spies in the act.