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Investigation services that Stealth Investigations Consultants can be found below.  Jeffrey Pearce has been helping families and individuals just like you get their lives back on track and arming you with the information you've been seeking regarding your case. 

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S.I.C. can provide surveillance services to determine if your ex significant other is following the court order, such as not drinking around the children; not being around certain people the court has deemed inappropriate. As well we can check and make sure that if the ex has supervised visits, that they are being done in accordance of what the court order dictates.
We can assist in gathering information for your attorney to prepare an Order to Show Cause, if you are looking to take your ex back to court.

IS YOUR SPOUSE CHEATING? Unfortunately there is no magic formula you can conjure up to answer the question:  "Is my spouse/partner cheating?"  But the question is valid and there are signs which may indicate infidelity in a relationship.  The old rule of thumb was: If you need to hire an investigator the relationship is already over.  But times have changed.  Use of the internet, smart phones, and social networking accounts can often lead to misunderstandings and mixed signals.  Falsely accusing a loved one can be as much of a betrayal as infidelity itself.

SIC utilizes a world-wide network to locate missing individual; including those who do not want to be found.  If you need answers about a missing person, you cannot simply rely on missing posters or non-official channels.  There are simply too many missing persons and too few resources. SIC will provide you with someone dedicated to finding the person who matters to you.  SIC can give you the resources and attention you need to maximize you chances of success.

Proper investigation is the cornerstone of criminal prosecutions, as well as, civil actions for acts of moral turpitude; like fraud or extortion. Independent investigation often uncovers errors in official reports, conflicting statements by witnesses and other anomalies which are overlooked during the initial investigation.

The investigators at Stealth Investigations have decades of experience in law enforcement investigations and courtroom procedures, including, testifying before Judges and juries. Frequently the difference between "guilty" and "not guilty" is the credible testimony of an experienced investigator.

Counterfeiting means to imitate something. Pirating or "piracy" is the theft of copyrighted materials. Infringement is the use of copyrighted materials without the owners permission. All of them are not only criminal acts but can carry very serious civil penalties. Stealth Investigations's anti-counterfeit task force actively seeks out copyright violations and infringement of intellectual property. Stealth Investigations has saved companies millions of dollars by stopping counterfeiting and theft of trade secrets.

Stealth Investigations provides both active and passive intelligence and counter-espionage services. In cases of industrial espionage, fraud or theft, Stealth Investigations will work with both private attorneys and law enforcement to prosecute the guilty and recovery your property. Stealth Investigations will also work with your company to educate senior executives on loss prevention measures and policies.

Billions of dollars are lost every year to theft and embezzlement. The vast majority of these crimes are, sadly, from within the company itself. Small businesses are most vulnerable averaging losses of nearly $100,000 per incident.1 A single employee can bankrupt a small business and, if not acted upon quickly, the chances of recovering any losses decrease with time.
1. 2004 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.

There are many reasons why law enforcement will not or cannot investigate a case. Sometimes they need more information or have prioritized resources. Stealth Investigations has a long and distinguished record of investigating cases for clients when law enforcement will not. Stealth Investigations has initiated successful investigations into murder, embezzlement and theft when the authorities would not. Because of the sheer volume of cases law enforcement must handle on a daily basis, details are overlooked and mistakes are made. Just consider the case of Lilly Mae Harmon as one example. If you have been wronged and no one will help, consider talking with the investigators at Stealth Investigations.

Stealth Investigations provides personal injury and wrongful death investigative services to individuals, attorneys, and large corporations; such as insurance companies. Being that most cases of this type do not make it to trial, more and more emphasis is placed upon gathering relevant information regarding causation and damages.

We have the knowledge and understanding of procedures required to gather information on accidents from: existing reports, visits to the accident site, and interviews with witnesses and victims. Stealth Investigations also has the specialized knowledge necessary to present information in formal written statements and reports to clients, attorneys, and the Court.