Every county is mandated to investigate allegations of child abuse, neglect, or parental abduction. Unfortunately, the staff at these agencies are overwhelmed with case loads, underwhelmed with resources and often lack the necessary training. As a result, many legitimate claims of abuse are deemed "unsubstantiated." Unsubstantiated does not equate to a finding that the abuse has not occurred; it means there is insufficient evidence to proceed. Stealth Investigations can discreetly obtain evidence to substantiate a claim before the abuser has a chance tho alter his or her behavior.

Do you have a court order preventing your ex from drinking around the kids? What about having undesirable people around? This is not uncommon in a court order and often violated. What can you do, right? Our private investigators can provide confidential surveillance and obtain photographic evidence which you can then present to the court. We have successfully assisted parents in this manner for years. Working with your attorney we will gather the evidence and prepare a written report that you can use in future court proceedings.

Additionally, our private investigators can provide essential evidence to help with your custody determination. We can search for criminal history, speak with known associates, search social accounts, and even recover information from phones to create a profile to use in any custody hearings. When it comes to support, we can obtain financial information from banks, search for retirement accounts, even find hidden accounts which may be secreted in fictitious names. All of this serves to assist you in getting the fairest outcome possible.