About Stealth Investigations Consultants

Stealth Investigations Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Jeffrey Pearce; but the road to success started many years earlier.  Mr. Pearce began his career in the intelligence profession as an investigator  for the Department of Defense.  His success and affection for the profession led him to work as a corporate drug intervention investigator in the private sector after his service in the U.S. Army.  It was during that time that Mr. Pearce refined his skills and mastered the art and science of criminal investigation. About Stealth Investigations
From its inception Stealth Investigations Consultants, Inc. was a new paradigm for the modern investigative intelligence community. There is no denying the importance of technology and advanced forensic science; in fact, SIC is an industry leader in technology. However, recently security and investigation firms have focused more on fancy gadgets and computers than on the instincts of an experienced investigator. The typical, run-of-the-mill, private investigator would be content to sit behind a desk and work the case from a computer.  But if you want results - real results; you need boots on the ground.  No technology can replace knocking on doors and confronting witnesses face-to-face.

Private InvestigatorScience will help you find all of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  It can even help you determine its composition, color, and shape.  But no machine, no science or technology can take all of the pieces of the human puzzle and put them in the right place.  If you want the picture, the whole of the sum; for that, you need experience, intelligence and instinct - and the only instrument which possesses those properties is the human mind.

Stealth Investigations Consultants, Inc. (SIC), is a professional corporation that provides a range of investigative services to private citizens, businesses and government agencies, including both Federal and State law enforcement.  With offices in Northern and Southern California, SIC has worked cases throughout the United States and abroad. 

SIC investigators are highly trained and experienced in the collection and evaluation of information, surveillance, legal procedures and courtroom testimony.  We have successfully closed cases involving theft and embezzlement; we have helped locate hidden assets in divorce cases;  we have solved murders. About Stealth Investigations

Please use the links above for more information about our services and how to contact us. Stealth Investigations Consultants, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years - a continuing testament to our dedication, determination and dependability